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Please share this flyer with as many people as you can! 

Poem and Song
written using 40,138 project as an inspiration.

Flowers by Sue Skinner July 2021

No woman is an island, it’s hard to sit inside alone
Waiting for the world to get back into a zone
Of togetherness and healing, of body mind and soul,
When all around us fear and loss and sickness take their toll.

Can you feel the weary weather as the rainclouds start to form
The atmosphere is building you are waiting for the storm,
The stifling heat is pulsing through your body, through your veins,
You need a resolution yet still there is no rain.

But the white birds are on the wing, they fill the skies above
Foretelling change about to come as peace comes with the dove.
The birds turn into clouds, and then the raindrops land
Gentle as a feather dropped from an angel’s hand.

The raindrops feed the thirsty earth, the buds begin to grow
And we begin to dream of changing new lives for old
And friends will hold hands again and sing a joyful song
And dare to make new memories to replace the ones long gone.

May your dreams turn into butterflies that sip the nectar sweet
On the breezes of a summer morn, the dew beneath your feet
May your wishes become flowers that bloom after the rain
Inhale their heady perfume and wash away your pain.

Here’s a flower for a lover and for the ones that love you too,
An angel feather for a friend who never made it through,
A cuddle for the baby you’ve not had chance to meet
And a million kisses for a brave new world let loose upon the breeze.

FlowersAndy Langton
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