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Carers Week June 2023

Updated: Apr 29

Carers Support Centre in Bristol welcomed carers for their yearly Carers Week event. This year the subject was D2A (Discharge to assess).

We, Invisible Army, had two of our Carers' stories on display.

During registration there was time to drink coffee, read about the subject and meet other carers.

Discharge to assess (D2A) means that people are discharged from hospital as soon as clinically possible, and their needs for care and support are assessed at home or in another community setting, after discharge. This model begun with the pandemic and was regulated by the Health and Care Act 2022. The Act removed the obligation for local authorities to assess people for long term care and support before hospital discharge. It also introduced a new duty for hospitals to involve carers as soon as possible in the discharge planning. The Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ex CCG) is working to significantly improve their D2A program. Ideally this program should work better for everyone: people; their carers and hospitals. Evidence suggests that people recover better in their homes/communities and the program should support carers. It also aims to reduce readmissions and improve hospital beds capacities and ambulances responses.

After Tim Poole (Chief Executive at Carers Support Centre) had welcomed everyone talks were given by:

Stephen Beet – Director of Adult Social Care (Bristol City Council)

Carol Watson – Service Director Commissioning, Performance and Housing (South Gloucestershire Council)

Alissa Davies – Director D2A Transformation Program (BNSSG ICB)

Susy Giullari – Carers Policy, Engagement & Involvement Lead (Carers Support Centre)

After a coffee and cake break, In-person roundtable discussions on D2A began. All the speakers and Carer Support Centre Facilitators listened, talked and took notes. Carers expressed anger, sadness frustration and realised they were not alone.

Hopefully all the notes taken will be implemented in future policies.

After lunch and further discussions some went for a Walk and Talk organised by Carmen Rodriguez and Stacey Vallis or had a massage from Emma Philander.

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