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Our exhibition,

Invisible Army – 40,138 

is now finished! 

We hope you were able to attend and visualise this army of people.


Thank you!

 To everyone who left feedback.

Here are the most common words shared.  


"Amazing! When you hear news like this on TV, its not as impactful as these photos that take you into the homes of these people. And one is reminded of their humanity - this could be you! So I’m grateful there is a project like this. I’m grateful that I am reminded to live and love life. Most of all thank you because carers like myself feel seen! Finally!"

- Visitor to the exhibition

Boxes to councillors Jan 2023- 5885.jpg

Dear Councillor...

With the amazing feedback from the exhibition and the left over flowers we sent a parcel to each of the 70 councillors and 4 MPs of Bristol, along with this letter...

 We Raised:

£92.60 (Flower sale)

£250 (Donations)

£133 (Furniture sale)

= £475.60


This money will go towards collecting and sharing more carers stories.

Thank you!


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