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Our exhibition,

Invisible Army – The Stories of Carers (Unpaid) 

is now finished! 

We hope you were able to attend and get a glimpse into what is often behind closed doors, including the challenges and joy carers cope with every day.

The video below shares with you the stories and photographs of the carers who featured in our last exhibition. 

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Carer who featured in the exhibition.

"Feeling all the love - really humbled to be included in the exhibition and what an emotional week."

Cllr Emma Edwards

Green Party

"It was a pleasure to visit this gorgeous and poignant exhibition about the lives of unpaid carers in this city. So many have been failed by the systems that should be helping them."

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Carer who featured in the exhibition.

Patricia's brother who attended to support his sister shared, "Had a lovey evening with Carina and her team looking after us very well. Very helpful, very kind and a warm attitude towards everyone including me. I loved every moment of it on the carer’s rights day which I didn’t know about! The exhibition was immaculate & professionally done. Job well done!"


We are looking at touring our exhibition! 

We are offering an exhibition consisting of 32 carers’ stories documented in photographs and written words.

Each carers story is made up of 3 photographs and approximately 900 words, all printed on 12x18inch PVC boards, which can be hung on exhibition panels. This also comes with 8 larger prints 16x24inch, 6 descriptive panels and an audio version of the stories.

The stories include young carers, co-caring, BME, LGBTQA+, males/females, the elderly and a range of disabilities being cared for, aiming to show a true representation of the caring community. We want to make as many people as possible aware of the fantastic job carers do, often behind closed doors. We will collect 2-3 local carers' stories wherever the Exhibition is hosted.

If you know somewhere we could approach or you wish to have this exhibition in your area*, please get in touch and we can arrange a meeting for you to ask questions and learn more about this unique opportunity.
*We are currently only able to tour within a 50 mile radius of Bristol.


Thank you to Arts Council England

for making this exhibition possible.

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