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Carina and Tina City Hall February 2021-

Our Story

Invisible Army began in 2019 to highlight the everyday challenges and joys of carers (unpaid).

Writer Carina Andrews and photographer Tina Gue collaborate with carers and their families, witnessing their day to day lives and produce art which documents carers experiences, amplifies their voices, supports service providers, informs policymaking and raises awareness.


In a warm cafe on a rainy day, Carina and Tina found they ignited each other’s need to create change for this marginalised group, and so their march began.

Carina and Tina City Hall February 2021-


Carer (Unpaid) and Writer

Carina Andrews is a carer (unpaid) and has been since the age of 5, first for her mother who has complex mental health needs, and then her father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Despite major disruptions to her education and social life, Carina completed a degree in Creative Art Therapies with a top-up in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She understands the challenges faced by carers from both her own personal experience and her professional practice and is perfectly placed to open up the conversation around this complicated and challenging subject.



Tina Gue has 30 years of experience as a commercial photographer. She originally trained in journalistic photography; alongside her commercial work, she has maintained a creative practice in documentary photography working with prisoners in Indonesia, Thai kickboxers in Cambodia, and ballet students in Poland. In 2019 she created This Is Us – a photographic exhibition of women aged 40 and over embracing life – showcasing over 140 portraits at The Vestibules in celebration of International Women’s Day. She has exhibited at The British Embassy in Nicaragua, Jakarta, Bristol, and Wrington.

Carina and Tina City Hall February 2021-
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