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We would like you to come to our exhibition!

Invisible Army – Stories of Carers (Unpaid) 

You will get a glimpse into what is often behind closed doors. Making the challenges and joy carers cope with every day visible.

Join us in celebrating what we have achieved with some of the 40,138 registered carers in Bristol and 27,639 registered carers in South Gloucestershire.

Bring your family and friends; everyone is welcome!

We look forward to seeing you at: The Vestibules, Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5TR
On either, Saturday 20th November between 12 - 5pm or Monday 22nd to Friday 26th between 1 – 7pm. 

We want these carers to finally have their voices heard!

Invisible Army-Stories of Carers (Unpaid).jpg

Here is a sneak peek on what you will see at the exhibition:

© Invisible Army-21-32.jpg


“It was easier for me to move in than for other family members”, Diane stated when questioned what she meant by “easier”, Diane responded: “Well logistically, as I don’t have any children”. Emotionally she went on to explain that she did not actually feel ready to leave her life in the USA, but things just snowballed and her parents needed her. 


In a little room full of treasures, including many plants, Daisy feels safe and relaxed, finding time for herself. Daisy laughs about how her plants provide the oxygen she needs when she can't leave the house because her mum needs her nearby.

© Invisible Army-21-15.jpg
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“In the morning when I wake Johanna, I take a moment to truly connect with her. I look deep into her eyes. This I believe starts the day right, us connected to achieve the day together.” 


His mother - who he had spent every moment of the day with for five years - had now died: who was he now? Who could he turn to? What would he do now? What was the purpose of his life? 

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