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Carers' Rights' Day 2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The cold rain had just stopped when we locked up The Vestibules to walk together to celebrate Carers’ Rights’ Day 25th November at Brewers Fayre.

A hand full of carers had arrived earlier to see themselves on the photographic prints on the walls and to read about the 31 other carers who had taken part in Invisible Army – Stories of Carers (Unpaid).

“Do you also have to have a lock on your fridge?” one carer asked another. “Yes, my daughter wants to eat continually if she can. We keep explaining that she will become overweight if she eats more energy than she burns but she has downs syndrome and loves ketchup and mayonnaise which is not a good combination for keeping healthy!” The two carers who have never met before continue their conversation about other similarities and differences they share in their lives caring for their young people.

We are happy to arrive to a warm restaurant to meet other carers and their families already enjoying a drink by the long table set out for us.

We talked about organising some ice breakers but decided against it and just as we had done all the visits to each carer, we let this celebration take shape naturally.

And what a joy to hear a constant sound of quiet conversation: “So how did you meet your husband?”, “Does your son also spin round randomly when you go for a walk?”, “I too am in the dilemma of deciding whether to keep my young person at home or find a residential home for her.” Giggles and loud laughter fill the room and everyone agree to meet again next year as we say our goodbyes.

What a great evening with a wonderful group of exceptional people!

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