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40,138 Is on the GO GO GO!

We have been consulting with many carers, artist and the community of Bristol on this Art Installation idea! See 40,138's page under projects to find out more details.

We would like to represent this vast number of people somehow. We had ideas from books, to putting cement in rubber gloves and although every idea was truly amazing we have come to the conclusion to handmake 40,138 flowers!

Each plant represents one carer in Bristol as well as being a physical reminder of the care that is needed to support something that is living, for it to be able to thrive.

Attached to many of the flowers will be a care label stating what Carers need!

We then wish to carry these flowers through Bristol's town centre to the City Hall - delivering them to each department that provides/should provide a service to carers.

The next questions are:

• How will these flowers be held/carried?

And then,

• How should the flowers be made (size/how they will attach etc)?

• What do we (Carers) want to say to Bristol including Bristol City Council?

• Who can help us make 40,138 flowers!?

Can you help answer these questions!? If you can email Carina -

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