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Being an Activist for Carers

Written by Carina Andrews

I campaign for carers as I was a young carer for 11 years before someone identified me as a carer and I was able to receive support. These 11 years I often felt lonely, confused, tired, scared, and different to my peers. I hope to ensure that no other carer feels they are alone, and I want them to know they have a whole army of people behind them, that understand and care.

What actions have I done?

I initially set up a Young Adult Carers group in my local area, once this group was designated a staff member, I began to write carers stories. Just over a year ago I met Tina, who is a photographer, in a warm café on a rainy day, together we found that we ignited each other’s need to create change for this marginalised group, and so our march began. We now collect carers stories though photography and words and share them with as many people as possible through our online platforms and exhibitions.

I also have a project named 40,138 where I wish to make this many paper flowers to show how many carers there are in Bristol.

How did I do them?

By talking to as many people as possible! I try to share my ideas with anyone that will listen as the more conversations you have the more you learn, and the more people get behind you, to support the idea.

Then there is the tricky side of gaining funding but if you take the time to complete application forms someone will take notice and believe in you enough to donate.

Never give up or take that’s impossible as an answer. Ideas may need to change and adapt but nothing is impossible.

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