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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Carina's caring role started at the age of 5, however she wasn't identified as a Young Carer until the age of 16.

At the age of 16 Carina received some amazing support from the Carers Support Centre, who taught her that it is important to think about her, who she was as an individual, what her needs, wishes and values are. With their support she was able to learn that she loved the Arts and being creative! This taught Carina not only a huge coping mechanism but after engaging in creative activities and groups her confidence grew and grew, enabling her to gain employment, complete a university degree and help set up Invisible Army!

To Young Carers out there and well everyone, it is ok to think about YOU!!!

Here is a list of support services for Young Carers (and adult Carers) in Bristol and South Gloucestershire:

Carers Support Centre - Offer a range of services to promote the rights and improve the quality of life of children and adult family carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Bristol Black Carers - Providing support and assistance for Caribbean, African and Asian carers in Bristol.

Acta - a youth theatre for young carers aged 10 – 18 years, living in Bristol South, Central & East, and additional intensive holiday activities for young carers in other areas.

Creative Youth Network - Join a safe space where you can have fun and chat with trustworthy youth workers.

Carers Trust - raise awareness of unpaid carers in the UK

Carers UK - give expert advice, information and support as well as connects carers and campaigns.

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